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My name is Annabel Devine.  Welcome to my website, where I hope you can find all the information about me and what I offer, to help you make an informed decision about choosing the right therapist for you.

I provide online and telephone counselling and psychotherapy using an integrative approach, which means I use a variety of approaches including person-centred, transactional analysis, psychodynamic, gestalt and cognitive behavioural therapies.  I am also a trained drama therapist, so we are able to use creative media to explore your difficulties if that interests you.

As a sensitive, caring and highly trained empathic therapist, I can help you to feel more confident about yourself, support you to lead a more meaningful life, help you to identify what you want to change and support you to achieve your goals. I am a professional empathic listener and focus on creating a safe confidential space. Through our therapeutic relationship, we will work together to help you explore, express, better understand and accept yourself, and make meaningful changes to your life.

I offer an initial 20-minute telephone or video call consultation free of charge, which will allow us to decide whether therapy with me will be beneficial to you.

You can telephone me on 07746 221337 or email me at 

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I work at relational depth with clients who are open to sharing their emotional world.  I provide a non-judgemental confidential therapy space.  Each session is for 50 minutes.  Most people commit to weekly sessions.  I think it is important to create strong clear boundaries so that sessions start and end on time.

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with life? 

  • Would you like to be able to develop firm boundaries?

  • Do you ruminate after an event about what happened, what you should have said or how you felt in a social situation, or at work? 

  • Do you worry about what other people are thinking about you?

  • Are you struggling with your self-esteem, confidence, being assertive or your relationships? 

  • Would you like to be able to meet your own needs and transform your life to how you would like it to be; feel less overwhelmed? 

  • You might not know how you would like life to be, but you know it’s not a life like this.



Online therapy provides an opportunity to explore personal difficulties in a confidential and supportive environment.  I can provide support with a wide range of issues including:

  • anxiety;

  • stress;

  • depression;

  • eating issues;

  • abuse;

  • trauma;

  • difficulties with anger;

  • loneliness;

  • relationship problems;

  • strengthening boundaries;

  • bereavement;

  • self-esteem;

  • confidence issues;

  • social anxiety;

  • sexual orientation;

  • discrimination;

  • bullying;

  • and many more.  

Not all types of issues can be resolved through online therapy and I will advise you if some other form of support might be more suitable for you.



You are welcome to book an initial free telephone call or Zoom session, which will last for up to 20 minutes.  This will give you an opportunity to tell me what brings you to therapy and to help you to decide whether you wish to go ahead and book your first full session. 

If you wish to go ahead and commit to regular sessions, we will agree on an appointment time via email or over the phone.  You will then need to pay the session fee via bank transfer in order to secure the session. 

At the agreed appointment time, I will either phone you or send you a Zoom link in advance for you to connect with me online.  Sessions last for 50 minutes duration.  If you want to continue with therapy I will require payment for your next session to be made within 24 hours of our previous session in order to secure the booking.  This then becomes the usual procedure for all subsequent sessions. 

In our first full session together I will ask you some questions about yourself and what has brought you to therapy.  We will work together towards a goal and have a review periodically, at which time you will be able to reflect upon whether your goal has been achieved, needs to be changed or is no longer relevant, and whether you are getting what you need out of therapy.  We can agree a set number of sessions or agree an open ended contract, depending upon whether your needs are for shorter-term work or more long-term.

I am a relational therapist, which means that our relationship is the vehicle through which you can work on your goals.  I sometimes use creative tools to provide an alternative way of working, if that is a preference.

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I am an integrative psychotherapeutic counsellor working in private practice, offering both telephone and online therapy for adults.  Working as an integrative therapist means that I use a range of different approaches in my work, including: transactional analysis; gestalt; person centered; psychodynamic; creative and cognitive behavioural.

I have the fullest commitment to offering a non-discriminatory service that is supportive and welcoming to all adults, regardless of their: age; gender identity; sexual orientation; ethnicity; culture; abilities; religious or spirituality beliefs; and status.

I am a sensitive, calm, empathic and creative person.  I began having psychotherapy as a young adult to develop my confidence and improve my self-esteem.  This life-changing journey through therapy led me to want to train as a counsellor and psychotherapist; I felt I had an innate calling.  



I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).  I work under the BACP Ethical Framework for Counsellors and the BACP Guidelines for Online Counselling and Psychotherapy.  Information relating to both of these documents can be found at:

I am an HCPC registered Occupational Therapist and a trained Drama Therapist.  I have worked for over 20 years in either the NHS, social services or the private sector, supporting people with a range of mental health issues, physical, learning or sensory difficulties.

I hold a postgraduate diploma in psychotherapy and am currently studying towards an MSc in Psychotherapy.







07746 221337

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My fees are £60.00 per session to be payable by bank transfer.  Please contact me to obtain my bank details if you decide that you would like to book your first session.

You can opt to pay weekly in advance or by advance block bookings of 4 weeks at a time.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel a session you will need to give me at least one week’s notice.  If less than one week’s notice is given the full fee will be chargeable.

In the rare event I have to cancel your session, I will advise you by email, or text at the earliest opportunity. No fee will be payable in this circumstance. If you completed payment at the time of booking, I will transfer the payment to the next session or provide a full refund.